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Discussion in 'General (Main)' started by Coffee, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Trenchcoat85 Husqvarna
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    Northern NorCal
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    '14 TE310R
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    '85 shovel, '75 DT400, '97 XR400
    post approval: yeah, it's gonna be a bit; maybe one of our 2 mods will see you here. otherwise: patience.

    good call on the bike. don't worry too much about your height- lotsa of pro-mx'ers are your height. get a lowering kit if you really think you need it; otoh- almost all dirt bikes are that high.

    low end: probably the biggest complaints of 125s. learn to use the clutch when you're between gear ratios (feathering). keep the rpm's up above 4-5000 when climbing. Many people think your bike (sometimes with the addition of a 165 kit) is the best woods bike made.