1. 4 Stroke Husqvarna Motorcycles Made In Italy - About 1989 to 2014
    TE = 4st Enduro & TC = 4st Cross

449/511 Guide/Index

Discussion in '4 Stroke' started by oregonsage, Aug 16, 2013.

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    The 449/ 511 models (2011-2014) came in TC (5 Speed, MX model), TE (Enduro-Dualsport with lights) and TXC (off-road, cross country) and SMR (naked street supermoto). All are based on an engine developed by BMW for their 450X models and considerably improved by Husqvarna. Chassis are Husqvarna's own design.

    The most common areas of interest to Cafe Husky members for these models are EFI tuning and oil management.

    Motosportz Kelly's 449-511 soup to nuts

    This thread is a good summary of all things to know about these bikes....as it aged it tended to go off topic though

    TPS Reset

    You want to know how to do this before doing any other tuning

    Zip-Ty ECU Map upgrade Zip-Ty Oil vent and tank upgrade

    A couple of modifications by site sponsor Zip-Ty Racing

    Dyno Tuning

    Tuning feedback with dyno results

    SMR Modification Guide

    Information unique to the supermoto version which had a limited run.

    2011 TE449 Running well with factory EFI system - finally
    Dangermouse449's unique flame-out solution.

    The goal is to keep this short and sweet for those who dont want to search or read 500 posts.
    If you have a thread or subject that you think should be included here, please PM oregonsage
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