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Vintage Husqvarna 1970 & 1980 Parts Sources

Discussion in 'Vintage Tech Ref and Parts' started by HuskyT, Jul 26, 2008.

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    COFFEE EDIT - Please use this discussion thread to post other part sources not listed in this thread. Thanks! :thumbsup:

    I would like to start a new thread for Vintage Husky parts sources.


    Please post any vintage parts sources or similar that would be beneficial for someone that is either looking for parts or doing a restoration of an older Husky.

    Please include pertinent information and post up specific parts content

    specialty / parts / process
    Phone and Fax

    Thanks, T

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    Husqvarna-Parts Arizona

    This is the first one that I will include is Husqvarna-Parts

    Contact: Phillip
    Location: Arizona,USA
    Webaddress/link : http://www.husqvarna-parts.com/page/page/3737813.htm

    Great source of Vintage parts specializing in mid to late 70's and 80's bikes
    Adding new parts at a steady rate. You need it you can typically find it here
    Great service from my experience!

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    Husky Junk Georgia

    Here is another great vintage Husky source

    www.huskyjunk.com Tucker, Georgia USA

    specializing in '74 Mag type parts as well as a slew of other crossover parts between the 70 to 80 year bikes.

    Great Billet type parts, foot pegs, drum stay rods, bearing/bushing kits, hop up kits including reed cages etc...

    Nice T-shirt to if you place a large enough order!

    Call Chuck directly to order 404 406 3256
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    Woody's Vintage GP Florida

    Here is another great source if you are having problems with wheels, bearings, brakes, brake re-lining and drums etc...


    Great to talk to this guy on the phone... very helpfull.
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    Vintage Brake Sonora , California

    Here is another great brake source.... If everyone else are Guru's....... this guy is a God when it comes to vintage drum brakes.

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    Olympic Powdercoating Santa Ana, California

    Here is a great source for Vintage /New Frame Prep/media Blast and powder coat:


    Olympic Powder Coating
    2737 South Garnsey St
    Santa Ana , California
    714 979 2233
    Contact: Pete or Brandon or anyone that answers the phone.

    **** Very reasonable pricing for hi-caliber work !!

    They are very experienced with vintage MC frames and just completed my 79 CR250 Frame and swingarm this last week. They made a game out of guessing which year my Husky frame was. They do or have done a lot of prep work for Vintage Iron on their bike restoration projects.

    Protected my head bearing races very well and delivered me a media blasted frame exactly the way I asked them to do it.(I'm doing something special)

    Gave me an itemized list of parts that were prepped and had the work complete within two working days.
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    AMS Tempe, Arizona

    Another great vintage source for Husky everything from 1966 on through the demise......spokes, sprockets, plastic,decals,you name it ... you can find it here...Site is not as informative/descriptive as some ... but they have a lot of stuff to present.... .just give them a call for more detail


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    DCVMX Sebawaing, MI

    Another source for Husky Plastic, Leather good quality seat covers, VRM seat covers etc.. and misc... DC Plastics


    Very good to work with....excellent customer service during my single transaction with them .... he called me from home at 8:30 P.m. on a Sunday evening!

    Some say this is the source for plastic if you actually ride and race your vintage Husky....Basic plastic at reasonable prices...

    Some say the plastic is not showroom quality and is inferior to other plastic sources....

    I personally have bought a rear and a front fender from them.. Service was great, price was reasonable , overall plastic quality form fit function is a solid 8 out of 10, plastic finish quality ( aesthetic appearance) a 6 out of 10 IMHO

    If you put miles on your vintage Husky in the dirt..... this is good usable plastic.
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    Vintage Husky Parts

    Complete Restoration source - 1970 400 Cross 72,73, 74

    Specializes in early to mid '70s Husky's

    Cool web site / no firsthand knowledge


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    Go Fasters Ortonville , MN Trelleborg Tires

    Trelleborg tires

    What is a vintage Husky without Trelleborgs!

    USA Source www.gofasters.com

    ask for Steve and /or Mark

    Great Guys!
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    Speed n Sport Meadow Vista , California

    Another great source for vintage Husky parts ( as well as other brands)


    Good source for NJB dual shocks

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    Husky Parts AU Sydney , Australia

    Another great source and ships worldwide... based in Australia! Good on you Mates!

    A lot of stock inventory / NOS and remanufactured new parts!


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    MXM United Kingdom

    UK Vintage Husky parts source / ships worldwide from United Kingdom!


    Website is currently under reconstruction as of 7/25/08... contact numbers/email link is up and works....

    Good source for decals including Ohlins and ITC white/yellow on blue
    Seat covers through '84
    Seat foam
    Magura Lever covers w/husky logo
    Tank DECALS of all types
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    Grubin and Company Yakima Washington Motor rebuilder

    Husky Motor Builder
    Grubin & Company specializes in older bikes 60's and 70's (all brands including Husky ) I have heard from other Husky owners that he is one of the premier motor rebuilders in the Pacific Northwest.

    Specializes in rebuilding , race performance, porting , vintage parts etc..

    Yakima, Washington Cool website

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    Circle F Exhuast Houston, Texas

    Vintage Exhaust Source early to Mid '70s Husky
    The following guy hand builds Expansion Chambers and Silencers for older Husky's. Very friendly to talk to on the phone....

    Notably 74 Mag and WR 250 / WR400 / WR450


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    Maico Only ( has Husky too!) Ontario , California

    Another Vintage /Evol Motor Builder - SoCal
    Ok - the name says Maico Only...... I have heard though through reputable sources that he rebuilds Husky motors as well and builds custom expansion chambers, silencers etc.... He also does a lot of performance mods and pipes for older Yammies, Maico's and Husky's.

    If this is wrong someone can correct me.....

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    Husky Club East Coast

    Ohlins Shock Rebuild
    Everyone probably knows www.huskyclub.com but here is the link for the Ohlins rebuild page including several different rebuilds.... Scroll through it and look at the interesting projects... Carabela, Honda Cr, Husky CR500 etc...


    Note: There has been a lot of discussion whether this site is still valid and viable for business. A lot of negative connotations regarding memberships and lack of response. I have no first hand knowledge so if someone out there knows more detail please correct me and I will edit this post.

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    Calvmx race schedule southern california

    CalVMX vintage Husky and other brands race schedule
    Any one that has a vintage Husky or just plain likes watching amazingly restored and functional motocrossers should check out this race schedule....

    Kudo's to Milestone Ranch MX park for stepping up IN 2007 and including vintage racing at their track! Click the link for schedule:

    2008 Kudo's go to Barona ( San Diego Area) and Perris Raceway ( Perris, Ca)


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    Halls-Cycle's Springfield, Illinois

    This post is courtesy of GETTR on TT!

    One I don't think I saw in the list is Hall's in Springfield IL. He has a number of vintage items in stock. (They had fenders for my 72 CR250 as well as stuff for my 05 TE450.)


    Note added by HuskyT : Halls has a complete online parts catolog if you need it. PDF images are not as clear as one would like but are extremely usefull. Their sales people that I have talked to, Clinton and Steve are extremely helpfull.
    Clinton seems to be the guy that handles all of the Vintage parts. Shipping is reasonable and fast. They go out of their way to help at Hall's

    Two Thumbs UP!