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Vintage Husqvarna 1970 & 1980 Parts Sources

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  1. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Works Performance Shocks Canoga Park, California

    Works Performance Vintage Shocks for Husky
    Here is a link to Works Performance in Canoga Park California


    Click through the links on this page to review their remote reservoir and TPL shocks.

    I spoke with Sandy today... great guy.. . can build a set of shocks custom tailored to your needs .... new set of 100% custom remote reservoirs for approx $649.00 lead time 3 weeks.

    Will build to suit your riding style, weight, bike weight and terrain/track

    Can build remote reservoir, piggy back or standard ... whatever flavor that you want.....!

    Sandy is especially helpful in getting/assembling the information that you may want if you are going with new geometry ( e.g 17" to 18" wheel and longer swingarms)

  2. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Husky Club Vintage Ohlins Shocks Martinsburg , West Virginia


    Note: Again not sure if Craig is open for business right now. Great site. Maybe someone can chime in a let us know if this is still viable.

  3. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Vintage Husky San Marcos, California

    This site offers full restoration service and a lot of parts.

    Focus on early 70's Husky's and specifically 74's but works on them all.

  4. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Forest Stahl Husqvarna Yorktown, Indiana

    Stahl's Husqvarna.
    aka Forest Stahl
    1700 South Nebo Rd. Yorktown, IN 47396. Phone: 765-284-7653 Vintage/Modern Husky parts inventory.

    From what I have heard this guy was born inside a Husqvarna womb! A one stop shop.

    If any of you have first hand knowledge, please post up.I do not believe there is a website and everything is done over the phone.....

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    Corona, California
    Piston Source for Vintage Husky Ohio

    No first hand knowledge but have heard this guy is very good at finding pistons, ringsets , gaskets etc...

    Lifted from another site where this number was posted freely ... sounds like Rick works a fulltime job and does this on the side....sounds like it is ok to call and leave a message...he will call you back.

    Quote "Rick Horvat 330-995-0245 He can fix you right up for about anything" end Quote

    If someone has more first hand knowledge , let me know and I will edit this post.

  6. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    RPMS Fiberglass Riverside, California

    Makes vintage fiberglass parts for all vintage bikes 60's and 70's

    Has parts for WR 250's

  7. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Vintage Iron Yorba Linda, California

    Vintage Iron offers everything including complete restorations.

    Great source for RetroRocket Pipes. Absolute works of Art


    And here is a brand new Vintage Retro Rocket Pipe!

    All of this text is lifted from their site:

    22605 LaPalma Ave. #519 Yorba Linda, Ca. 92887

    Office Hours: 9-6 M-F (Pacific)
    24 hr. Order Line 714-694-0066
    Fax / Order Line 714-694-1566

    E-Mail Vintage Iron (Please, if you have a long question and need a long answer call us on the phone -- we type really slow!)
    Email: rick@vintageiron.com

    - We take almost all plastic except Preston Petty.
    We ship UPS, unless you have the money and a different idea.
    - International & Special Orders Must be prepaid.
    - All returns must be pre-approved. Call for a return authorization number.
    - 25% Restocking fees on returns. (Unless of course it's our fault!)
    - 30 day return time limit (Otherwise you own it, man!)
    - No return policies on manuals (Unless you order AJS and get DKW)
    - Damaged goods / lost freight - all claims must be taken up with shipper.
    - Refused orders will not be reshipped. (If there is a problem, please call us before UPS does)
    - Postal orders add $10.00 (Hey, it's a long drive to the Post Office from the shop!)
  8. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    PVP Cycles Louisville, Kentucky

    Great source for vintage parts, silencers etc.... Also will do complete restoration.

  9. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
  10. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Vintage Engine Repair Oklahoma

    COFFEE EDIT: I have been contacted and this seems to be the new link:

    This link is courtesy of Huskydogg. :cool::cool::cool:

    I lost this link a while back and have been trying to find it ever since!

    I have spoken with this shop several times and he has given me detailed quotes. Have not done any work with him yet though. First impression is that this is a topnotch Husky Motor Rebuilder.

  11. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Spray Can Silver Paint any decent Hardware Store USA

    Silver Frame paint - Spray Can
    Several people have reccomended the following for spray can silver on Husky Frames

    Rust-oleum Appliance Epoxy "Stainless Steel" #7887 as the closest match to the original Husky frame color
    Fast drying and cures out hard and tough.

    Duplicolor Aluminum Engine Enamel # EDE1516

    Duplicolor Silver #T229

    Again this is if you are using spray cans....

  12. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Spray Can Gold 81 82 Husky any decent Hardware Store USA

    Gold Fork Leg Spray Paint

    If you are repainting the Gold fork legs / Handlebars on '81 and '82 Husky's and using spray cans several people have reccomended:

    Rust-oleum Metallic "Gold Rush" #7270 as the closest quality spray match to the Husky original.

  13. Leftcoast leftkicker Husqvarna
    AA Class

    encinitas ca
    Rick Horvat

    I've used Rick for many years and not only is he great at sourcing Husky stuff he's got a huge parts supply and knows a lot about the brand, racing specs ,etc.
  14. Leftcoast leftkicker Husqvarna
    AA Class

    encinitas ca
    Concerning Ohlins vintage and post-vintage shocks (purchase or rebuild) I don't think Craig C. is doing anything with bikes anymore. Ohlins has a "vintage" independent rep named Steve Marpes who is fantastic and can handle just about any question you could come up with. He is x-Ohlins so he knows the crew & product. His number is 828-243-3520 and he's located in SC.

  15. Tony G Husqvarna
    B Class

    Dyonport Exhausts

    Hi all,
    I got a new exhaust pipe for my 1987 CR 430 at Dynoport.
    Check them out at www.dynoport.com

    Any other plastics source apart of DC plastics?

    Safe rides
  16. robertaccio Husqvarna
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    San Diego, Ca
    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    2021 Husqvarna TE300i
    Other Motorcycles:
    99 HusqvarnaTE610, 94 Husaberg FC501
  17. HuskyT Moderator

    Corona, California
    Vintage and all Years Husqvarna seat covers /foam / kits Huntington Beach California

    This is a link to all years and specifically including Vintage back to and including 1977 Husqvarna seat covers /foam /seat kits....

    This link is brought to us by Schimmelaw in Texas / all credit to him!!!:cheers::thumbsup::cheers:


  18. twsniklas Husqvarna
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    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    Both 2&4 strokes
    Other Motorcycles:
    have you any pictures of the exhaust??? i have a cr430-88

  19. schimmelaw Husqvarna
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    Rowlett, Texas
    Vintage 79 and 80 Remote Reservoir Mounts and Clamps Info

    Vintage 79 and 80 Remote Reservoir Mounts and Clamps Info

    Pursuant to a request from HuskyT. Sorry about the delay.

    The below reservoir mounts and clamps are available from Works Performance at (818) 701-1010. Ask for Tech Support/Parts. Oscar is the guy who gave me the following info.

    Sold Individually:
    Rubber Mount: part number REZ-STAND-OFF @ $2.70 apiece.
    Clamp: part number REZ-50-70MM @ 4.20 apiece.

    Kit form:
    (for two mounts and two calmps) part number REZ-CLAMP-1 @ $13.80

    (for four rubber mounts and four clamps) part number REZ-CLAMP-2 @ $27.50

    They accept all forms of plastic. Shipping about $5.00 to Anywhere, USA.

    These will work for you guys w/ the remote res. Mounts/Clamps look just like the ones I remember. Shown on 84' Yamaha RZ350 w/ aftermarket FOX shock w/ remote reservoir.

    Hope this helps.


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