Husky Contingency

Discussion in 'Racing' started by I8AKTM, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Mootak Husqvarna
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    Hey guys - Husky Bucks are alive and well! Get your results together - New claim forms avail in a couple days. Should be same program as in the past per Rob and crew at Husky. Just hang on a few more days and the info and forms will be available.

    Go out there and win on your Husky!

    Jeff Tasky
  2. shotgunscott Husqvarna
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    Thanks for the update Jeff
  3. Joe Chod Moderator

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    Thanks also Jeff. I would hope they will be lenient with the "claim form MUST be filed within 30 days of the event" as there has been no "go to" for longer than that. Got 2nds and a 3rd to claim. (1st place has been eluding me)

  4. JimO Husqvarna
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    Thanks Jeff for the info...In other news, does anyone know if any after market is building a big fuel tank for the fuel injected '08 TE's?
    It's getting tough carrying fuel in my backpack and in bottles hanging off the bike just to have a full day ride, but I'll keep being a gas tender until I can find a tank.


  5. Coffee CH Owner

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    If you are asking about a 2008 TE250/450/510 tank try this thread:

    TE610 tank discussion is here:
  6. MOTORHEAD Husqvarna
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    Anybody heard more about this?