Check those RH side oil screens fellas...

Discussion in '610/630' started by EricV, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Hi Kuzmich. Welcome- good looking 630 you have...good pic in the previous thread. Now Google Translate doesn't always work well, but I think I get the idea from what it has produced:

    "Hello! My husky traveled more than 34,000 kilometers, 6,500 kilometers back, I pulled the ruined mesh filter from its engine, there were suspicions that screwing the drain bolt, I broke it and ordered a new one, and put this spring.
    Today I did the next oil change and checked the grid, it is broken again, I measured the distance from the bolt to the point grid position limit switch, the bolt does not get to her.
    There is an assumption that it is a constructive error and non-compliance due to the size, the length of the mesh filter / length of the well, the grid has the possibility of movement, leading to shock loads, and its destruction, which do now is not clear, and ordered another, it does not meaning, it is necessary to seek a solution, but apparently it lies in the manufacture of self-mesh filter, the size of the well, the original item, error, yes, sorry, I was very disappointed, but the bike itself is very nice, and it was not going to change."

    So, if I am understanding you correctly, you have already had the failure, but caught it before anything worse happened...correct? On top of that you've had 2 filters fail. If so that is of course very concerning. If you have had 2 fail without ruining your engine you're actually very fortunate.

    I think I speak for the group when I say that the general consensus (here and on the thread on was that this is indeed the result of materials (thin/weak), construction (how the end cap is tacked on), and situational (it vibrates around within the cavity, causing it to come apart.) The oil drain bolt in fact does not reach the end of the screen. Here's some reading - the AdvRider thread which also has pics:

    There has been discussion of self-fabrication of a more robust replacement (by one of us, or by someone one of us reaches out to for this.) I was one who was to furnish measurements- apologies to all for I haven't done that...I will.

    The mechanic who rebuilt my engine feels very confident that the engine can be run, without concern, without this filter in there. I don't know...I, for one, have not gone this route. I am very tempted to.

    So you had around 27,500 kms when your 1st one broke, and then 6,500 kms on the next when it broke? That is worrisome. Thanks for reporting in and again welcome.
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    Hi Eric!:) Now Google Translate хорошо переводит, и мы понимаем друг друга.:)
    Я тоже пришел к решению отказаться от этого фильтра очистки масла, Спасибо! :)))
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    All good then. :) If the translator did it's thing correctly you're going to be running w/out that right-hand oil screen. I'm about due to check mine (it's been 2,500 miles since my incident) so if there's any sign of it failing that'll be it- I'll be running without it as well.
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    Do we know if it's better to run without the screen yet fellas? and if there are any side effects in doing so?
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    Don't you mess with the mesh it holds potentially shavings from your clutch.
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