1. 2 Stroke Husqvarna Motorcycles Made In Italy - About 1989 to 2014
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All 2st New and Improved 2-Stroke Jetting Database

Discussion in '2 Stroke' started by MattR, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. OcotilloWellsJo Husqvarna

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    Denied 3x's on all 3 links. I know this is an old thread. I start at a mile high and go up from there. I raised the needle for more air but, now I get a throttle lag initially until it catches up..
  2. 2premo Husqvarna
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    lowering the needle leans it
    raising the needle richens it
    did you mean raise the clip to lower the needle?
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  3. Flowrence93 Husqvarna
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    husaberg fs 650 08
    the google link says ''access authorization is required'' how can i unlock the link?