Manar Park,SEQLD

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    Man these places look like so much fun..........I really miss that about Aus, the choices of places to ride and to hang out with so many other people who share the same love of off-roading

    After spending my formative bike riding years living in Brisbane - we used to be able to ride from the back of Toowong, around Mt. Cootha and onwards through The Gap and then out through Enoggera and Mt. Nebo all the way to Lake Manchester, on our mini bikes (3 of us had XR75s, there was a TM75 and a TY80), and having that as our automatic weekend activity that we kind of took for granted.

    Now living in the UK, I realise what a luxury that was, and to have places like Manar Park and Motocross Mountain is completely awesome...........might have to plant the seed with the misses about moving home sometime in the not too distant future ;)
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