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Jetting my 88 250WR PWK38

Discussion in 'Vintage/Left Kickers' started by ajcmbrown, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Hi all, I'm playing with jetting on my 1988 250WR, PWK38 Air Striker, std pipe, 800M (2600 feet) above sea level, but often ride at lower elevations, what are you guys running, assuming anyone here has a PWK on a late Swede?

    At the moment I have 7.0 slide, 42 pilot, 160 main, 3rd clip position, at a little under 1 turn out on the air screw, may try a 45 to rectify that.

    I'm also keen to play with my 400's and 500's when I fit PWKs to them.

    Would a jetting database thread be worthwhile, listing what you have?

    I don't mean a debate on which carb is best, simply "what are you running" like this http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/new-and-improved-2-stroke-jetting-database.27395/#post-606675 but this is for later model bikes, I'm thinking purely for left kickers?

    Or is there simply not enough traffic here these days?

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    I have a pwk carb on a liquid cooled 430. I found a post that calls out what seems to be as good as anything I tried. http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/jetting.399/page-2#post-9731 I could not tell you what I have in it it can be hard to tell differences and might be kind of dangerous testing changes out thoroughly. I have a bunch of needles, there are no needle jets so many needles possible. Bunch of scribbles on paper in the jet and needle container. With the round slide Micuni I can reliably come to the same thing (same needle, clip position and needle jet). Good luck, not something I use forums for just do it and make scribbles. I think Lectron is more popular on here at least from post count. I would find aftermarket fuel injection more interesting to read about. Try battery electric if you can.