Husky design fixes I'd do...

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  1. husqvarna te450 Husqvarna

    4.stronger spline shaft
    5.uprated brearing in swing arm.
    6.solid crank not compressed.
    7.more water proof speedo as water gets in the lense.
    8.better indecator sub frame.
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    My 07 TE610 has a defect in the right plastic panel. There is a tab that has an eyelet in it and it's used to secure or "screw" the piece into the front of the fuel tank. The eyelet is placed too close to the edge of the tab and breaks loose easily. Every TE610 I've seen has this defect as do all the replacements I've seen.

    It's an easy enough fix but it still makes me wonder why someone would go ahead and keep selling something that is so obviously defective.
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    Number One design Issue for Husky right now, poor fuel pump placement relative to pickup and tank fuel level. The 09/10 EFI bikes suffer from a poorly designed FP set up. I have experienced it within 8-13 hours of ownership. All the other stuff, normal dirtbike stuff. I have had issues with subframe tabs on many brands. Looks like in 11 they may have done better both with FP placement and tank capacity. Other than that, I like my 2010 310 very much. Great motor.
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    I really dont want to rain on anyones parade but the oem is not going to renew engineering on non-current models for issues found post production. we may see updates to the 449/511 and x-lite250/310 models. Our 450/510 models are done out of production. the 610 series may have updates or recalls but i think no, now that the 630 is the new production design.
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    Many KTM riders cut a section of front inner tube to place over the bottom shock and heim bearing.
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    my list 09 510
    speedo dont work
    decals came off after a couple of rides
    fuel cap feels cross threaded all the time
    shifter to short and rubs on chain
    chain rubs on inside of frame
    fuel lght dont work
    fuel tanks to small
    inserts in tank spin when bolting up fairings
    decomp cable to short had to remove
    oil in air box
    crankcase oil gasket leaking
    back shock fell apart
    fork seals leaking with 300ks on it
    gear ratio to small
    side stand is useless
    swingarm bearings rusted
    back disc rattles
    wont start with a flat battery with kicker
    and thats just off the top of my head...and with 2000ks on it.
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    My 2010 TE 450: lost decals, um.......2400km think I will just keep riding it !!
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    My 2005 TC 250 still has its stock decals.... they have only started to unstick a little on the edges.