Zip Ty Racing 125 Does well at Rd 9 of the Nationals

Discussion in 'Racing' started by ajaxauto, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. ajaxauto Husqvarna
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    Well we finally got the little 125 all dialed in and set up to run against the open class at the National Hare and Hounds. This bike is great has enough power to make every hill.
    Can run against the open bikes no problem.
    So this past weekend did Rd 9 of the National Hare and Hounds in Barstow calif. Where the little bike finished 3rd in class for the day. Which then earned me enough points for a National # 2 plate in 50 A class for 2018

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  2. wallybean Mini-Sponsor

    Pretty amazing stuff for an old guy! You rock.
  3. ajaxauto Husqvarna
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    Wally This bike is so great Like you said I would really like the power of the new KTM based motor It makes this 61 year old man feel like a kid again.
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    I'm still pissed I didn't get to race. Congratulations sir. You are my desert mentor.