Zach Osborne - 250cc Husqvarna rider on the podium - Thunder Valley 2015

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    Congratulations to all three riders ...


    Zach Osborne : "Today was good. My speed was good in practice, I was 5th in the first session and 3rd in the second. In the first moto I got a decent start with a top 5 and put myself in position to end up 2nd in the moto. I've been struggling with my first motos and just struggled in general so far this year and and that finish gave me a good bit of confidence going into the second moto and it was a good feeling. I got a better start and almost pulled the holeshot coming out 2nd. I was a little slow to get going in the first couple laps and I went back to 4th or 5th, then I kicked myself into gear and went forward to 3rd where I stayed. My bike setup was good and I enjoyed today. It's been a long time since my podium at A1 and there have been a lot of struggles since then so this feels really good."


    Few more words from Zach from another interview.

    Was there anything majorly different today about the way you were riding, or was it just bad luck and stuff at the previous rounds? Do you feel like you stepped forward today?

    Huge step forward today. We changed the bike pretty much completely this week—a lot stiffer suspension—and it seemed to help. I just felt loose on the bike. It was easy to ride and I enjoyed it today.
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