Xriderdown Project Bike

Discussion in '7602 Racing' started by Xriderdown, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Xriderdown Husqvarna
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    WR360 SW / WR360 IT / FE501 AU
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    BUL MK3,KAW KE100,CZ 988-1,YAM FZ1
    Shout-out to 7602,

    Your product drew many visitors to our “GO PREPARED” display and no doubt helped set the tone for our Xriderdown / WARN project bike at SEMA this year. Of course our model Jordan deserves a “shout-out” as well.

    Take care and keep producing those “Sano” Husky product!

    sema 026.jpg sema 018-1.jpg sema 063.jpg sema 068.jpg sema 071.jpg sema 057.jpg
  2. Colo moto CH Sponsor

    La Jara, Colorado
    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    Nice lookin display! Bike, model and trailer. Glad we could help out.