WTB passenger grab rails...

Discussion in 'TR650' started by teamkitty, Apr 16, 2020.

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    UPDATE: I found a pair of these and now have what I was looking for. Thanks for reaching out!


    This is a long shot, but I’m looking for a pair of passenger grab rails that came with the original Husqvarna aftermarket cases and racks (part #8540158).

    It’s my understanding that they included these for US customers since they didn’t want people adding a top case for some reason. They don’t fit if you add your own top rack solution, so most people probably chucked them in a box and forgot about them.

    If anyone happens to have a set sitting around collecting dust, please message me here or email teamkitty@yahoo.com. Will pay a fair price pus shipping to Los Angeles.

    Thank you all. Stay safe!

    handle 1.jpeg handle 2.jpg
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    Who would want grab rails?? At a cost of potential load?? No one is that important that they would have an entitlement to pillion on the Terra..I have other bikes for that..