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125-200cc Wre/sm 125 Has No Top Speed And Power? 2008 Model

Discussion in '2 Stroke' started by speelmanis, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. speelmanis Husqvarna

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    Hello, I have a problem that I can't solve for a long time. Basically the bike has no powerband and the top speed in 6th gear (!!!) is only 104km/h. Things that I have checked:
    • powervalve motor turns when revving the bike in neutral ( 08 model, electrical power valve)
    • when I got the bike it was restricted so I changed the pipe to a DEP one, and changed to full power jetting (165main and so on)
    • repacked silencer
    • changed the voltage regulator. the one before wasn't the original one but that still didn't solve the problem
    • changed the piston (currently has 7 hours, C size piston. Milage of the bike is almost 15k km's)
    • cleaned the carb several times and also cleaned the air filter
    • calibrated the power valve
    • changed the sprockets. currently 14/49
    • drained the tubes that come from the power valve
    The things that I still think could be the problem
    • the ignition somehow (?)
    • the power valve cables are too tight or too loose? I have tried changing the cable tension and it did change the power delivery a bit (the powerband hit too late in the rpm's but at least it was something). In the manual for the 06 models there were instructions on how to calibrate the cables but after 06 the power valve didn't have any markings.
    I have tried a lot of things and I'm starting to slowly think that the bike is cursed lol, sorry for the wall of text but if anyone has a suggestion to what could be the problem I would be thankful.
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    Got any larger main jets?