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    I've read where Ty in the past has swapped the Ducati system on the late model Italian WR's to older model (less prone to fail) ignitions. My Ducati ignition is FUBAR and I'm looking for advice on what parts he's used and where to get them. Does he still have parts to replace the Ducati setup? Did he use any aftermarket stuff with a dual map CDI and the like or just stock Husky parts from older WR's or CR's?


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    Generally he uses stock stuff. I know we had a customer last year that bought a 300 with CR ignition and wanted to swap it for WR ignition. I'm going on vacation and might not be much help. Best bet is to call the shop and ask Ty direct. Tell him Jeremy told you to call.
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    Yes very east to do I believe any set up from about 2002 up will work if you go CR type you will need everything if you go WR you will need everything Which is the flywheel and everything on the plate plus the coil Easy to do only takes a few min There are a lot of used ones out there Call Zip Ty
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