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125-200cc Wiring Issues

Discussion in '2 Stroke' started by Husky Hootowl, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. Husky Hootowl Husqvarna

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    1996 Husqvarna 250 WXC
    I bought a bike which is a 1996 Husqvarna WXC 250. I am trying to replace the rear fender and light. However the old fender is still there the wires going to it are chopped. I need to figure out which wires go to what. I opened the harness a little and I'm not sure which one are what. I need a readable wire diagram or some input to get a new rear light working. Pictures would be great.Thanks
  2. rancher1 Husqvarna
    Pro Class

    The rear tail light harness for a 1996 would be blue and yellow.
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  3. Saabman82 Husqvarna
    B Class

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    1994 wxc 250
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    1978Kz650 (810),1976 kz900,1977xs650
    Ive got a 94 wxc250. It didnt come (to me anyway) with lights or wiring. Ive added them tho. Can you probe the ends of the wires with a multimeter (i asume its ac power thru the regulator mounted on the steering tube/frame like mine)(no rectifier/battery) when the bike is running to see which one is powered and which is ground? With the switch on. May not be a ground if its grounded to frame /sub frame. Or just use the multimeter to check continuity from the wires at the switch to the wires at the fender.