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  1. Joe Chod Husqvarna
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    Registration information can be found at

    Click on any of the "heres" or just go to the last tab (far right top).

    Donloadable registration sheets as well as the Husky Gathering flyer and the Vintage flyer.

    NE guys, Even if you can't make it, please pass the flyer along and ask your local shop to display it prominently.

    Address for map quest and nav devices will be listed later. It will be arrowed for the event.

    Lots of other "updates" to the site (sponsors, events etc.)

    2010 sponsors interested can PM me.
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    Cortland?, I grew up just outside of Corning, not sure I can make it but it sure makes an overdue trip home sound alot more interesting...
  3. Joe Chod Husqvarna
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    upstate NY
    yes...of course. Also not uncommon for guys from same area "pooling" it up to the event also.
  4. Joe Chod Husqvarna
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    upstate NY
    Hey all.
    Hope this message finds you and family well.
    Mark your calendar and tell your boss he won't be seeing you !
    The address for the event is:

    2754 south Cortland Virgil Rd.
    Cortland ,NY 13045

    You can count on good trails to ride, good people to ride with and an all-around good time. There's a huge raffle, with lots of stuff from event sponsors, including riding gear, bike 'bling' & accessories, and gift certificates. For the Racers amongst us, Round 10 of the AMA East Hare Scramble Championship Series is taking place on the 29th at Knobby Acres, right in Cortland.

    The Gathering is strictly for fun, not for profit. Proceeds from the event will help support USA rider Wally Palmers efforts at the 85th I.S.D.E in Mexico, November 2010.

    You need to bring at least one Husqvarna (Other makes ridden by a friend or family member are OK, as long as a “Sponsor” Husky or vintage is in attendance.

    Husqvarna has a long heritage and we'd like to honor that by inviting some of Husky's old competitors. For the first time, in 2010, the Gathering will be open to ANY MAKE of vintage bikes, as long as they're air-cooled and don't have disc brakes.

    Registration fee per rider: pre- $40.00 day of- $45.00.

    Non riding guests are pre- $10.00 day of- $15.00.

    (Pre means postmarked by 13 August 2010!)

    Covers insurance and expenses for the event. The fee includes a 2 sided full color event T-shirt for all attendees!. Primitive camping available. There are also a few hotels nearby.

    2 mile Grass track / MX Scrambles style track as well as 8 mile Enduro trail loop with and without Hero Sections

    There will be riding events and skills events as well as vintage bike show with awards and trophys.

    Husky flyer and vintage flyers as well as registration forms can be found under the "registration" tab of the main web site. If you would please ask your local shop to display a copy of each flyer.

    More info to follow


    More details at:
    main web site
  5. Joe Chod Husqvarna
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    upstate NY
    Encouraging all interested to bring any spares you have sitting around to Gathering for a mini flea mkt if you would. Either keep in your area or set aside with your name and price. If you keep in a list of what you have and $$ on your ride or at the registration area. Help a brother out and make a buck as well as get the stuff the old lady calls junk out of the garage collecting dust.
    I intend to raffle off some other vintage the Wrangler Supercross of 1981 30 second board girl.......