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Vintage Husqvarna RED Paint Mix Information 77 / 78 OR CR 250's

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    The following paint ( not Powdercoat) information is courtesy of our CH member "RON" [IMG][IMG][IMG]

    Thanks to "RON" for sharing this valuable info!

    Paint :
    Dupont Chromabase B/C
    Car: BMW
    Code:247 Yr:1993
    Color: Mugello Red
    Mix size: pint Cost: $32.20
    Tinting Guide:
    850J Brilliant Red 75.3
    852J Orange 106.8
    853J Red Orange 120.1
    801J HS White 125.9
    806J HS Black 128.6
    150K B/C Balancer 355.0
    175K Binder 446.3
    This is a Dupont Chromabase Formula