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Discussion in 'Europe' started by endurolife, Nov 1, 2015.

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    New to this im Adam from Hartlepool area county durham, Just bought a husky wr 125 2009 plate 1900 miles recent top and bottom rebuild £2000 i paid cracking bike but there is already 1 or 2 things gone wrong with it in my ownership

    1st one is im on my 3rd spark plug in 1 month im mixing 150ml of putoline 2 stroke to 5literes of petrol, does this sound rich for enduro riding?

    2nd thing the left side indicators have gone off front and back, changed the flasher relay but its still the same, any tips on what this could be?

    3rd is the brake light only works with the front brake now not the rear was fine last week tried cleaning the switch but still no joy and advise appreciated
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    Hi Adam,unfortunately there isn't much action on here from UK members never mind north east members,but as luck would have it I've popped my head in.
    You would be better off trying the trf as there is a lot of members in your area and indeed surrounding areas like Northumberland which is mine.
    Have you tried fuse for indicators?and you'll probably need a new rear brake switch as this has gone on my husky before.

    Mick,Northumbria trf