TE610 Parts

Discussion in 'Older Single cams' started by Bigserve, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Bigserve Husqvarna
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    New Zealand
    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    1996 TE610
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    1990 Honda CR250
    Hi where are you guys finding the best place to buy parts for 1998 TE610, not having much luck with Husqvarna dealers in New Zealand or Australia.
  2. robertaccio Husqvarna
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    San Diego, Ca
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    2017 TX300
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    92BetaZero260, 01YamahaYZ125
    Halls Cycles USA are very knowledgeable and even stock many 577cc etc. single cammer parts in their huge selection. Great to work with and super on the ball for shipping items.