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TE511 "FAIL" and will not start

Discussion in '4 Stroke' started by Bryce, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. motsitruc Husqvarna
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    Take off your seat and it's right there. Take off the rubber strap holding it down, unplug and it's out.

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  2. Hugh Jasoule Husqvarna

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    That doesn't sound like a fuel map problem to me. Sounds like clogged lines or starving for fuel somehow. Race map 2 should have your bike running well and hard on its own.
  3. Dangermouse449 Husqvarna
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    Before sending the ecu away, have a look for any of the following....
    Blocked or pinched fuel tank breather hoses (one attached to enter side of the rear fuel tank filler neck)
    Follow these all the way along and make sure they aren't trapped or squashed.
    While checking the RH breather hose, test the green and white one way valve can pass air towards the tank.
    If your model vents excess fuel to the ground near the shock, check the hose is not blocked with mud.
    Check the fuel taps between the 2 tanks haven't been turned off by mistake.
    Rather than a running fault, it sounds like you have a fuel starvation issue.
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