TE410 -99 oil change problem getting mesh filter (cigar) out

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    TE410 -99 (single exhaust)
    Husky E410 -99 oil change problem

    Behind the banjo cover thing, right lower side in the engine, (opened with 14mm and 8mm sprockets), lies the cigar. The cigar is a two part metallic mesh filter, from this hole the oil is drained out, if you don't want to use the bottom screw.

    Very close to similar thing shown here, it's a different Husky model though, the cigar looks very similar though:
    Husqvarna 15 min oil and filter change - YouTube

    At first cigar didn't come out at all, after 15min of struggle, the inner part came out, but the outer mesh part was very much stuck in there. Inner mesh had some metal flakes, not much tho. Didn't want to use hard tools on the mesh, since it seem somewhat delicate metal mesh thing, so the outer part stayed in.

    Any tips how to get stuck cigar outer part out, without damaging it?
  2. rancher1 Husqvarna
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    Real small screwdriver or pick.