TE VS SMR Specific differences?

Discussion in 'Super Moto' started by huskylove, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Kyle Tarry Husqvarna
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    If you want to be able to run the offroad wheels and tires, you probably don't want to go to shorter forks, different triples, shorter swingarm, etc, unless you're going to swap all of that stuff every time (ie a complete nightmare).

    TEs with the "standard" conversion parts (wheels, tires, front rotor & caliper bracket) work really well on the street, and even for moderate racing use, in my opinion.

    You've said you want to match the SMR offset and wheelbase, but that's going to make the bike much less friendly to concert back to dirt use.
  2. huskylove Husqvarna
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    I am trying to find the differences. Thus I can make appropriate decision of what I want to do. I would like to have a dirt setup front end and a SM setup front end, but use the stock triple clamps... So I just swap forks/axle, brake, wheel all in one get off....then the back wheel.
  3. Alberto Husqvarna
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    So, just being curious, a stock SM and TE use the same engine and gearbox?