Tcx310 Stalling

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    Hello All from South Carolina, USA.
    I am an excited owner of 2014 TCX310. I purchased the motorcycle last week with known issue of bike not revving past idle. Hoping to get input from troubleshooting and knowledge from members here to fix the issue.

    Bike starts up and idles but as soon as the throttle is rolled. The engine stalls appear to be electronic like ECU turning OFF fuel pump or ignition coil. Its' weird When I picked up the motorcycle from previous owner it would not start at all without him spraying" starting fluid" but now it starts & idles but does not revv.

    checks made so far
    >Previous owner seems to have changed the fuel with aftermarket type(pump control wires spliced with harness wiring)
    >Battery is charged and verified voltage does not drop significantly while idling
    >Jumpered Kill switch to rule out wiring.
    >So far, all electrical connectors are in place and connected
    > The fuel shut off valve ( 0N-OFF does not seem to work)
    > When I disconnected the tank from bike fuel leaks from high pressure line, is that typical?

    I have read posts with similar or related issues with TE310&TCX310 but hoping to get some directions for troubleshooting and inexpensive parts swap. I also noticed a tiny filter element inside the high-pressure quick connection coupler of the injector, is the filter element standard?

    I am looking for electrical wiring schematic and wanted to know if there is option to connect with ECU if it will help with troubleshooting. I have only noticed a 4 pin connector in the front cover, is this the OBD2 or data connector. If so looking for recommendations for connection cable and software to use.

    Thanks in advance..