Tc 610 And Smr 630

Discussion in 'Older Single cams' started by stefano43, Apr 17, 2021.

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    Hello all, currently have a Te 510 2008 model that im riding offroad , anyway next week im going to buy a smr 570 with the 630cc kit, the engine has been rebuilt and the current owner sent me all the photos of the work done. So basically it will be my track bike as ive always wanted one of the seel era bikes. Only problem the bike has is that it wears out the kickstart mechanism , the owner has now assembled it but said it would not last a long time, claiming it has to do wit the big bore kit and the high compression the engine has.

    Im also considering picking up a Tc 610 which also has a faulty kick start mechanism, so now I am wondering if that actually is a weak point of the bikes from that era , left kick only and whether there are some upgraded parts available or a way to make the kick start mechanism reliable. I can not yet say what exactly the problem with the kick starts of the bikes is but just the fact that both of them have the same issue has got me wondering if it is a recurring issue.

    Thank you everyone
  2. andyjd Husqvarna
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    I have a 570 (Nox) with a 100mm piston (600cc) and have not had any issues with the kickstart, its not used regularly just for trackdays.