SWM RS for dual sport

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    a clone mixed italian/swedish
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    SWM 300 , RE himalayan 410
    Hello guys .
    I rode a 500 RS in 2018 for a big ride in Spain on TET tracks . Positively the bike was too powerful for me with better riders .. So il sold It but kept the 19 L safari ...
    I have another bike for major trips to Asia but as you all know, would not be possible soon.
    So to follow local TET in France and Spain i am going to buy a 300 and put the tank, plate , hand guards and Gps holder on it , and in spring my Gloop and start again .
    Why ? because i enjoy the machine and no comparison in this range cover here .
    If someone had i( real ) information about the differences between EURO 3 and 4 model it will help.
    ride safe

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