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125-200cc Steering stem dimensions

Discussion in '2 Stroke' started by Durangedgoat, Jan 8, 2023.

  1. Durangedgoat Husqvarna
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    2002 CR125
    Trying to get some info on dimensions before I buy all the wrong stuff. Looking to get the steering stem length and diameter for 2009 versus 2012 bikes mainly the CR125, but don’t they run the same triples as the TXC250 etc?
  2. rancher1 Husqvarna
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    The stems are the same. The offsets on the triple clamps are different from the 2 stroke to the 4 stroke. The clamps for the txc would work on the 125 the geometry is probably slightly different.
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  3. jeanjean Husqvarna
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    WR 125
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    I have 2 triple clamps laying around, a '14 WR 125 and a WR 250, I don't know exactly which year, but with the KYB 48 fork.
    Overall length of the tube?
    Which diameters?