SPECIAL DEAL Motul 5.1 brake fluid!

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    We have EIGHT CASES of Motul DOT 5.1 that we need to go away to make room for new bikes!

    5.1 is compatible with your DOT 3&4 fluids and systems, but to gain the full advantage of the much higher boiling point it's best to flush your brake system with it...Which you're already doing annually anyway, RIGHT?!? ;) If you're a brake abuser, this is the stuff to use, it will lessen the possibility of heat-induced lockups.

    Retail is $10.95 a bottle, the special deal price is $7.50 a bottle until it's all gone.

    Shipping is tough on this, being a corrosive liquid: It costs $14 to ship one bottle to Texas, and $23 to ship a case (I picked TX as a random middle-of-the-country sample - shipping from here in Salem to Portland is only $6 less). So we'd rather not ship it so you can get a deal...But if you're getting a case it averages out ok-ish.

    Give us a call at the shop toll free 888-806-1153 and ask for the Doublex brake fluid deal! motulchart.jpg motullabel.jpg