So Cal National Bomb run video

Discussion in 'Racing' started by ajaxauto, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. ajaxauto Husqvarna
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    Here is a quick 4 min video of the So Cal National round 9 bomb run

    There was about 100 guys on the first row
    to my left is a friend of mine then next to him is Kurt Casselli
    to my right is roy 76 years old and still racing
    to roys right is David Pearson team green and next to him David Kamo ex husky rider now Team Honda
    like I posted there is no other type of racing where you can line up with talent like that all at the same time
    I am on the walt Smith Husky 165 The piston has over 1,000 miles on it and just put in a ring
    used the same gaskets over again I had it pinned and at the end of the bomb still have 120 miles to go.
    I am working on posting the rest of the race.You will love the last 40 miles super tuff with big down hills I was clocked at 65 mph by radar on the dry lake bed using 14/52 gearing

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    "like I posted there is no other type of racing where you can line up with talent like that all at the same time"
    Tecate HS/enduro

    I said line up, but not leave at the same time.....unless you sign up pro

    The thing that sucks is how the cam flattens the heck out of everything. Nat H&H up/down hills and tuff sections are pretty sick (from experience), most folks would never be able to handle it.
  3. ajaxauto Husqvarna
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    Wait till I post video from the 3 rd loop 2 big down hills Desert Mc down hill and So Cal Vista
    the view from the top is great but the desent down really does not come to light on film
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    OK, this is too cool for words....
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    Holy cow, this is gonna be a serious shock to my very limited racing skills. I don't think our bikes have even seen 6th gear for longer than 5-6 seconds.