SM610 Beringer rotor

Discussion in 'Super Moto' started by Spice Weasel, Nov 8, 2015.

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    08 SM610
    I had to change my brake rotor because the OE one had a jerking-like motion when braking, not smooth.
    This wasnt an easy replacement, the Beringer rotor is flat. I had to buy 25mm bolts aswell.
    I had to get a 5mm spacer made to offset the rotor. The local engineering firm didnt have any aluminuim so it had to be made from steel and it was still quite expensive to get it made. I will get an aluminium replacement made when im feeling a bit more flush and have stopped hurting from the cost of doing this, plus i can now simply send away the steel spacer for measurements.
    I had to put some grease on the unpainted mating surface to try and stop rust
    Like i have stated an aluminium replacement will be made sometime, but this works for now.