Shinko 216MX Fatty

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    The DST was also the only one to get a speed rating. The DST always felt a little harder to me and as it got older the side knobs really started to chunk off. The AA seemed to hold together better. Perhaps we've got a little of both in this new Shinko?
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    Me too Robert.
    The Shinko feels and tracks better through turns with the Nuetech Nitro mousse, than the DST did with a Michelin Mousse and it doesn't wallow like the GT216AA Fatty did at all.

    Even when I ran the GT216 Fatty with the Tubliss set up it would not only rub the mud occasionally off of my FMF headpipe on the 501 because of its taller height and overall circumference but it also scuffed the underside of my front fender with the Fork tubes just up enough to see the second ring above the top triple clamp.

    Puncture wise the GT216 AA fatty took a beating and I had several puncture's while riding and had several Tubliss bladder failures as well. That's why I got the 4 ply DST next and went to a Michelin Mousse in it. I never had a single problem after that and put 65 hours on it without even re-lubing the Michelin Bib Mousse insert.

    So here I am destroying/attempting to destroy, a Shinko 216MX Fat tire now. Nitro Mousse installed, tires balanced with brass spoke weights on my wheel truing stand/balancer stand. I have no intension of taking the tire off the rim to re-lube the Mousse (any time soon), or until I have to. Enforce tire mounting lube is still oozing out and collecting dirt all the way around the edge of the rim against the tire sidewalls. Which tells me there must still be plenty to go around. I have about 350 miles on it now and some of that (100 miles) was 60+mph pavement and another 100 miles was high speed forestry service dirt roads where we were riding upwards of 80 mph.

    Its holding up well. I'm glad I have a new spare. If this tire catches on and starts selling like it should, it may be as hard to find as the GT216s were there for awhile. Lets hope not.
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    good report. My crew member has reached close to 2k miles on his front nitro mousse on his Kato350. he has been on many lower California trips and is one reason I'm ready to install nitro mousses. he is a solid A level rider with NETRA A 40 #1 plate so I know the way he rides. He is stoked on the nitro mousses, of course he pulls and lubes after every long baja ride. bet heck close to 2K miles on a mousse.....Also note one of my engineer coworkers is a baja racer (motos before and trucks now) he is putting together a data base of tire weights, mile info, type of lube, etc etc