RIP Tom White

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    Motorcycle industry icon and 1/2 of the White Bros., Tom White lost his battle with cancer this week and passed away at the far too young age of 68. Tom was one of the good guys in our sport and will be missed. I talked to him in March of this year at the Husky World Championships where he was the race announcer and he looked as healthy as ever. That just shows how quickly that dreaded disease can do it's damage.
    Godspeed Tom...
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    He was racing a bit towards the end still too. I guess he was checking off his bucket list.
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    I first started to work with Tom White back in 1979 Back then he help me build a 1979 Honda We used a custom C&J Frame with a White Bros XR 500 motor Fox Forks and Fox Shocks

    Great bike way ahead of its time in the 4 stroke world. Raced it at the 4 stroke Nationals at Carlsbad many times In the early eighties it was White Brothers if you needed a part

    68 is way to young Just goes to show you life is a gift from God and you can be called home anytime.
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