Ride to Husky Monument - Sat. Jan 16

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    Next month, on Saturday, January 16th,(weather permitting), a dirt-bike ride is planned to the Husky Monument near Kramer Junction. For those who don’t know, the monument is a place where deceased motorcycle enthusiasts have been memorialized by their family and friends.
    The place is hallowed ground. It’s unique in that it displays the creativity people have shown for their loved ones. Its location is also unique in that it is located in the middle of the desert. For those who wish to see its location on Google Earth: 35°, 12’, 57.12” North, 117°, 19’, 03.18” West.
    We will begin the ride 13.5 miles north of Kramer Junction on Hwy. 395 at Fremont Peak Road. The coordinates are 35°, 11’, 05 “North, 117°, 35’, 43” West. The parking area is ¼ mile east of pavement along Fremont Peak Road. Kickstands will be up at 10:00am.
    The ride is approximately 50 miles round trip. It is suited best for dirt-bikes, however 4-wheeled vehicles like quads, razors, etc. are welcome. Bring water and snacks because there are no stores/gas stations out there.
    I’m not going to ask for you to RSVP. If you want to go, you have the info.
    God Bless You,
    Jery Montgomery