Odd Emails From The Past

Discussion in 'Zip Ty Racing' started by Huskynoobee, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Huskynoobee CH Sponsor ZipTy Racing

    Castaic, CA
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    2011 TE449 2006 WR250
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    HDUltra Classic IT200 YZ250 SV650s
    Hey everyone, if you received an odd email from years back, please accept our apologies for any confusion.

    We are transitioning to new website software at this time. It seems as the old email database was migrated to the new software, it sent out a bunch of random old emails.

    Thank you for your continued understanding and patronage as we work through this.

    Oh, and long live Cafe Husky!
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  2. Picklito Husqvarna
    Pro Class

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    430, 430, 430, ,400, 175
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    KTM250xc, KTM500mx, KTM440exc
    Now I'm curious...
  3. NH-JP 2nd Fastest Old, Slow Guy!

    New Hampshire
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    2017 TE300
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    1988 Honda Hurricane,
    I was very confused and curious.
    I got it on my phone at first, and was not seeing date/time stamps.
    Glad to know I was not the only one to get one!