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    Hi All,

    I'm a long-time follower of off-road motorcycling, particularly motocross. My teen years were the late '70s to early '80s. While I mainly followed the advancement in motorcycle technology as a fan of the Japanese bikes, I still had a thing for Husqvarnas and admired how long they held onto the dual-shock setup. I am interested in buying a classic bike to restore, admire, and possibly race in some over the hill, never was, class.

    While it may seem I'd gravitate towards the '80s motorcycles, I'm really more drawn to the ones from the early '70s for some reason. My father has a 71 400 Cross he bought new that has sat in his shed for nearly 40 years now that he won't part with. Admiring that bike is what got specifically focused on Husqvarnas.

    So...., if one were to want to purchase a 70-74 CR/Cross of really any displacement, what should he look for? Are any particular models more or less desirable from a functional or reliability standpoint? I've read somewhere that the 72-73 models had reliability issues of some sort and put on a lot of weight compared to earlier models. Can anyone chime in on this? What is the commonly needed parts situation these days?

    I'm sure I'm overlooking something, but any input is appreciated.

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    Don't Pigeon Hole yourself to the Cross models unless you have incredible luck or deep pockets. 450/250CRs are available but they are usually a big project, but that may beer what your looking for. Rick Sieman said the 72/73 were way too heavy and lacked power. But that was when MEN WERE MEN AND SO WERE THE WOMEN!! I own a few and love them. They will kick your butt on the build and on the dirt. Butt isn't that what it's all about. Parts are getting hard to find so find one that is pretty complete and you will be on your way!. Post it up in the vintage left kickers section and ask questions. The fellas here have seen it all and will respond to whatever you ask, and give their honest and unvarnished opinions!! Check out some of their threads on vintage restorations projects and vintage left kickers. Any Husqvarna is a good Husqvarna! Most EVERYONE will tell ya what a COOL bike it is once you have it Running and Riding! Most of US will tell ya what a COOL ride you have when it is in pieces and Crusty!! Good Luck and Lots of pics!! Just looked and Craig has a nice bike in the classifieds!