New Husky Concept?

Discussion in 'Husqvarna Motorcycles Corporation' started by dartyppyt, Mar 23, 2010.

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    How about this concept:

    WR250 Magnum?

    TC250 Magnum?

    You walk into your dealership for a new Husky and for a whopping $1,000 to $1,500. You can upgrade to a Magnum. Each dealer gets so many to start? So what would you get for a magnum:

    1.) Your Magnum comes with a Red Frame/Magnum Graphics/Polished Lightweight Hubs.

    2.) You get a Custom Revalved And Resprung to your weight/riding style suspension set up. (You have to do it anyway).

    3.) You get to pick the tires.

    4.) Barkbusters/Handguards

    5.) Larger tank

    6.) Adjustable power valve for 2 stroke/Power Programmer for 4 stroke

    I don't know just a thought or we could come up with a better name?

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    I like it. Worth an extra $1000 for sure. Just to get the suspension and a decent set of tires.
  3. Beefeaters up Husqvarna
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    Beta has this available now. If they only had dealers who actually sold bikes! Something sounds familiar here.