Need Some Tech Help With My Te510

Discussion in 'General (Main)' started by Huskaylover, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    I recently got a 09 TE510 and it is such a beautiful piece of machinery however my fuel tank has leaked fuel out from the gasket between the pump and the tank, does anyone know where i may be able to purchase one or if i can get away without using one?

    Any help most appreciated.

    Note: Have tried to wreckers and not really getting much back and its not in the manual pictures either.
  2. Huskynoobee CH Sponsor ZipTy Racing

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    Make sure the fuel line elbow isn't cracked. That's a common problem. It's just plastic and easy to crack when moving the tank with the fuel line connected.
  3. huskyfrk Husqvarna
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    i believe george at up-tite has an aluminum elbow for that.