My Zip Ty Racing Experience

Discussion in 'Zip Ty Racing' started by FatDaddyMX, Jan 9, 2017.

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    Hi Guys,
    It's been awhile since i have posted on Cafe Husky.
    Even then I did not post a lot.
    I have posted that I am working on my bucket list.
    Some know that I work with power plants and can be sent overseas on a moments notice.
    Several years ago, I came home from 3 years in Tanzania on a project.
    This was when Ty was selling his 2009 Husky race bikes.
    I bought 2. A TC 450 I use as a pre runner and Nic Burson' Race TXC 510 as my race bike.
    I had a Great Time leading up to and racing the 2013 Baja 500.
    Ty refreshed both bikes and I have talked of how well they ran on this site. WAY faster than I am!!!
    I still am amazed how Ty would drop everything he was doing when I was in the shop and just talk to me, giving pointers on what to expect and how to do things.
    Just 2 racers talking. No ego. He just seemed excited at what I was doing.

    I just did the Parker 250 over this past weekend.
    I talked with Mike and brought the 450 in with the 510 carb to have Ty work on.
    Had a couple days where phone was down, Thanks HuskyNoob, but service was great!
    Work was completed when promised. Price was less than I expected.
    Ty again spent time talking with me. Bikes, Racing, Should he install solar at shop, etc
    I have been going to Ty for about 6 years.
    He has given me excellant service everytime. I have worked overseas most of my career, and I understand stuff happens. Ty has always taken great care of me. Just some old fat guy.
    His suspension services are spot on for me. Allows me to go to my limit and feel comfortable and lets me know there is more available if needed. Very Confidence Inspiring.
    His motors have yet to hick up much less any failure. They just pull and do not complain.

    I know Ty has been beat up here lately, but I want to share that he has taken good care of me over the last few years. He has always had a minute or two to talk when I am there. He has delievered more than what was asked for in our dealings.

    Ty has earned from me a customer for life. He has been that good to me!

    Fat Daddy
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    What FatDaddyMX said, is the same for me.
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    Same here never a problem
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