Motoz mountain hybrid review.

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    I've been on Tubliss since the begining and used everything for a lube/sealer. I have settled on elcctrical cable/conduit pulling lube. Works great for everything Tubliss, including initial liner and tire mounting. Semi dries to a waxy consistancy. Clean, cheap, and compatible with rubber/plastics. You don't even have to clean up the rim/liner when changing tires, just paint more on with a brush. Problem with tire sealants is they can dry in clumps on the inner rim and liner and need to be fully cleaned out when changing tires. This stuff is very slick, and allows the liner and even tight fitting beads like on tubless trials tires to slide out of the drop center and seat quickly and evenly. My MMH sealed perfectly first time and has held for weeks now.

    This is of course if you don't need a sealant, which in my experience is useless for something like a torn knob or big gash.
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    I know they are heavy, but I have good luck with UHD tubes. Not those pinner HD tubes mind you, the UHD tubes. Baby powder the tire and make sure the rim band is intact and all is good. I have taken on a nail and it didn't lose air until I pulled the nail.

    I like the reviews on the Mt Hybrid. Time will tell if one will be my next rear tire, or a 140x18 Michelin M12 XC.
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    i have great luck running heavy 30 dollar tubes inside metzeler unicross tires..good old duct tape 3 passes around the rim, cut out holes for the valve stem and rim locks. havent had a flat in about 200 hours of riding, i do usually put a fresh tube in when changing tires. 10-12 in the front, 8 or so in the back:thumbsup:
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