Looking to try Lost Trails Dunmore P.A.

Discussion in 'East - USA' started by jbankes, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. jbankes Husqvarna
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    2009 WR144
    Anyone local or otherwise that would like to hook-up for a Saturday or Sunday ride at Lost Trails Dunmore P.A. let me know, I here they have a ok single track section and some good trails. I'd like to check it out maybe make a riding buddy or two as well.

  2. Kevin Sorce Husqvarna
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    I was out to Lost Trails in June and it was okay. I didn't get to explore all of it and they were still opening more trails. The problem was I brought my 2 girls with me who ride 80cc bikes and are not yet used to rough terrain. That and the smaller wheels didn't bode well for them in some of the heavily rutted muddy areas and rocks.

    The only down sides are some sections are torn up by the ATVs, heavily rutted. I try to stay away from the ATV riders since many have limited skills, and further limited regard for other riders and the trails / environment.

    I'm going out again on 10/21 (maybe 10/22 if the weather is bad on 10/21). This time without the kids! My one riding buddy from VA is coming up with his KTM 250SX.You can tag along but on those days my truck is full up with gear.

    I might want to go out on 10/14 or 10/15 to continue sorting out my WR250 since it was just recently refurbished. Still getting the kinks out. I'm in Stockholm, NJ. I have a bike trailer if you want to split the gas and if you are not far from me. Let me know.
  3. R_Little Husqvarna
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    I have a place in the area.

    when are you going?