LOOKING FOR RIDING BUDDIES near Crescent City, CA (del norte/curry county)

Discussion in 'West - USA' started by Teeszy, May 11, 2016.

  1. Teeszy Husqvarna
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    06 SMR510 & 16 FE501S but have nobody that I ride with locally! I always feel as if the risk is increased by riding alone especially on these windy highways (101+199), forest service roads & trails. Plus riding alone typically isn't as much fun either. Msg me or reply to this thread to get in touch and maybe even make a new friend. I'd love to get a pack of Huskies on the road together! Regards, Tyler
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    Don't live there, but a bump never hurt. I rode alone quite a bit until I began racing and would not ride the gnarly stuff. Now I've got lots of riding buddies and my skill level is better than ever! You don't have to enter bike killer and body torture stuff and your 501 is certainly up to the task. Raced my 449 with all the street stuff stripped off until I got a dedicated race bike.
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