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Discussion in 'General (Main)' started by CrazyTed, May 19, 2021.

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    Ok, I've been racing offroad mostly hare scrambles with a few enduros thrown in since 1998 on the east coast of the USA. I had made my way up to the A class and was getting pretty good overall finishes. I've now worked my way back to the 50+B class offroad. I was a KTM rider until 2010 when I raced a Husaberg. I loved my 2010 FX450 Berg. I did pretty well on that bike but it was hard to slow down. When it was time for a new bike, I test rode a bunch and chose the 2015 Husky FE350. Now it's coming to be time for a new bike. I have to admit, I miss the bottom end power of the 450 and I'm not a big fan of shifting a bunch on the FE 350. The 350 does feel lighter in the woods. I keep debating on the FX450 or if the FX350 would have more on the bottom. My current FE350 has a ton of aftermarket gear to keep the performance up. We only occasionally have a tighter course anymore but we still have flowing woods courses here in Virginia. I'm looking for advice on bike choice. I'm looking for more bottom end power so I don't have to shift so much. I've even thought of making my 350 into a 360 or 380 when it's time for a top end. Just not sure that will be what I'm looking for or not. So far I haven't seen any KTM or Husky demo rider anywhere in Virginia listed. Best choice would be to go ride them but I don't see that opportunity.