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Is there a difference between 84-88 430 pistons and earlier ones?

Discussion in 'Vintage/Left Kickers' started by Leigh Roberts, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Leigh Roberts Husqvarna
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    Wossner only list 430 pistons 84-88 , 8051D...

    But I see well known suppliers (Husqvarna-Parts, HusqvarnaVintage & HVA) show Wossner pistons for years 81-88.

    I think they may be the same pistons but the barrel machining tolerances are different, air vs water cooled.

    Husqvarna Mahle pistons , 1611781-01,2,3 , seem to cover all 430s.

  2. fran...k. Husqvarna
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    If you search my posts you might be able to find what I wrote and pictures.

    I think for the purposes of boring larger the specs should be the same. If you are ice racing chances go a bit larger.

    I called them the 420/430 air cooled vs 430 water cooled.

    The water cooled ones have
    the ring slot closer to the top
    the side cut outs at the transfers a bit higher
    weight reduction cut outs near the end of the wrist pins, and end up about an ounce less if I recall, similar changes to the 500 (488) as well
    wrist pin significantly shorter to the extent that the aluminum in the piston can egg out, some of the weight difference.

    The Woosner (.. on top of an o) has the weight of the newer one, the ring from top same as the newer one, the wristpin length somewhere between the two, and the cut outs at the skirt in a vertical sense the later one but the horizontal sense not really ideally aligned, Pretty similar for Weisco. This all 15 years ago approx. pertaining to the aftermarket.

    I seem to recall the Woosner one has an extra groove for the wrist pin keeper snap ring thing so that one could use the earlier wrist pin if desired but there is a void for where their wrist pin ends should you choose to do that.
  3. Leigh Roberts Husqvarna
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    Husqvarna Motorcycle:
    1981 CR430
    Other Motorcycles:
    KTM EXC450
    Thanks, I had read some of your postings. Now I've read them all. Good info in them.

    Conclusion is they are different but the difference is inconsequential for most of us. Hence reputable Husqvarna parts suppliers sell the same Wossner piston for 81-88.

    If anyone disagrees then speak up before I order a Wossner piston for my 1981 CR430.