Ibeat 2007 Te250 Co Setting

Discussion in 'EFI/carb' started by huskylyth, Jun 4, 2023.

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    Hi All,
    Thanks to the collective knowledge here, I’ve managed to make a sick Husky run.

    Now I’m in the process of making it run better I’ve set the TPS as per the forum posts and the throttle stop, and it’s miles better.

    I’m still feeling a “hole” at 1/4-1/2 throttle when decelerating down hill or transitioning between stations.
    I thought I’d manually alter the CO settings, but it’s greyed out in iBeat.
    I’m in maintenance mode, running a bung, so grabbed a new resistor just in case but no different.
    Leaving the resistor out, iBeat triggers open circuit, so I know the resister is working, even if it doesn’t change maintenance mode to 0.

    With the resistor unplugged I also can’t use the a use the feedback or adaptations either.

    From reading here, that’s correct for a 2007 and the only thing that iBeat can do is TPS, and diagnostics.

    Could someone more learned than I confirm this?
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    I belive that it is not a problem of the firmware for that year. I have an '08 te510 and a '12 txc310. CO greyed out on the 510 but not the 310.