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125-200cc Husqvarna Wre 125 2005 Problem Mikuni Tmx 38

Discussion in '2 Stroke' started by Bartlomiej24, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Bartlomiej24 Husqvarna

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    husqvarna wre 125
    Hi, I have such a problem, I wanted to mount a mikuni tmx 38 in my 125 wre from 2005, I bought a union from wr 8000A2804 and a filter rubber from wre, after installing the carburetor does not agree with the rubber but I have to stretch it every time after disassembly, and now I have a question, what could be wrong? Do I have to buy another connector or just a rubber?

    Sorry for my bad english :)
  2. Bartlomiej24 Husqvarna

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    husqvarna wre 125
  3. speelmanis Husqvarna

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    sorry i dont quite understand. you bought the intake manifold (38mm) from the wr but it still doesnt fit? or it doesnt fit into the airbox?
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    Some had the same issue as you with the air boot from the air box to the carburator that tends to crush and remain crushed. To solve you have to buy the wr air boot cod. 800086888