Husqvarna SMR 510 2009 mod, valve question

Discussion in 'EFI/carb' started by Baconklekk, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. Baconklekk Husqvarna

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    Husqvarna SMR 510
    I was wondering if the 2009 mod smr 510 had the same valves as 2008 mod?
    And its the second time my husky has hit the intake valve with my piston ruining my head and valves/piston along with it, the first time it was with the privious owner.
    could it bee bad timing? i would think if it was timing it would happen a while ago.
    could it be over reving?
    mby bad luck?
    hope to get some answers thx. :)

  2. Mik-3 Husqvarna
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    Husvarna SM510R 2010
    What i have learn, 2009/2010 had no head issues. Only issues was, when some one has been done some head job, is that they put wrong valves etc, so that´s why.
    But if they all are stock and still hitting, then it is timing related stuff, but usually wrong timing would strike immediately, not sure if you have timing little bit off, and you rev it high.