Husky Win AMA National Hare and Hound Championship

Discussion in 'Racing' started by ajaxauto, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. ajaxauto Husqvarna
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    Husky 125 wins open mag expert title.This weeken in Wendover NV which is close to Salt Lake City Utha was round 7 of the 8 race serious.AMA National
    Hare and Hounds .After 130 miles of some of the best trails in northern Nv
    including every things from rocks to tight single track in the trees i was lucky enought to finish second open mag expert .Riding a bone stock 2008 Husky 125 against every thing up to open 4 strokes .Second place gives me enought points to use the next National hosted by the 100s Mc as my throw out.
    As a member of the 100s i then can work on the course and help to make it the best of the 8 races.
    I love my 125 and am so glad i parked my open 4 strokes i am having so much fun and beating the open 4 strokes is iceing on the cake
  2. Mike Kay Husqvarna
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    Huge congrats to you! That is big. You need a blog on here to narrate the whole series. Im a big fan. :)

    Lets see some pics!!
  3. ajaxauto Husqvarna
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    I will work on that Each of the 7 races were so different.There are 8 total
    4 in the High Desert area of Luceren Cal then 1 in El Centro which is below
    sea level in the sand then 1 near Red Mt Cal .Then 2 in northern Utha near
    Salt Lake city and 1 in Nothern Nv also near Salt Lake

    The 125 worked great from below sea level in the sand to above 6000
    feet in the mt and trees.Never changed the suspention settings ,gears or jets
    and it worked great in all the places.The 125 is so much fun at half the price of a big 4 stroke and now beating the open class on one is just like the iceing on the cake
  4. Wetdog Husqvarna
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    Tsawwassen, BC
    Great job by you and it's nice to see the little 125 get it done for you.
    LOL for showing up the 4 strokes. I'm a believer in the "less is more" for most types of riding but my ego wants me on a 450. And let me tell ya, I needed all that 450 power today for the tight roots and rock riding I did today. ;)

    Like MK said, a blog would be great.
  5. Coffee CH Owner

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    Whoo whooo!!!

    Ajax - you going to try to earn some $ now by giving lessons?
  6. Poopy Husqvarna
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    Tom is a Creeper, BC
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    Way to go!
  7. ajaxauto Husqvarna
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    It is not me it is the bike .After 40 years of racing some of the best built and preped bikes from Horsepower factory hondas in the eighties to White
    Bros Hondas aftet that to Hand built ATK until early 2000 .Then a 2006 Husky 510 and still did not win races.But for 2008 i start the season on a 2 year old CR 125 and start winning.Now a second with a 2008 125 which is just out of the crate tell me it is the bike not me.For me the 125 just works and i was lucky enought to finish every race well enought to win the title
  8. BentAero Husqvarna
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    Alan Randt, the owner of Enduro Engineering and the NEPG, ( and multi-time ISDE veteran) tought me 25 years ago that by riding a 125 instead of a 250 or open bike (this was back in the 2T era) that it would teach you to be a more aggresive rider and would improve your riding skills rather than rely on the grunt of a big motor. It works! Way back when, I won a District 14 125-A enduro title, and more importantly learned a lot about riding any size bike while doing it.

    Congrats on your win, and once again proving that you don't always need a big motor to go fast.
  9. Motosportz CH Sponsor

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    Ajax, that's awesome man.

  10. WoodsChick Administrator

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    Congrats on the title, Ajaxauto! There ain't a whole lot out there that can compare to winning, that's for sure! <insert "thumbs up" smilie here>

    I have to wholeheartedly agree on the 125 being a great teaching tool. I started riding on a CR80 and after a year moved up to a 125. I rode 125's exclusively for the next 13 years, MX and off-road. I kept my `97 and will probably never sell it. When I get complacent and lazy after riding my 450 4t or 280 2t, I hop on my trusty ol' 125 and have a total blast.
    It kicks my butt and it takes an enormous amount of energy to ride it properly, but it gets my heart racing and sometimes it's fun to ride as hard as I can without launching myself into the stratosphere. I enjoy keeping the clutching skill set intact, too;)

  11. pvduke Husqvarna
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    Very awesome and totally kick-ass!

    Enjoy your Laurel's.

  12. robertaccio Husqvarna
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    Great stuff!!! AJAX cleaning up oh yea chalk one up to the old guys as well ! Still going strong!! Congrats!!!
  13. wulf22 Husqvarna
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    Utica, NY
    Great job! I would love to still be running 125's but at 210 lbs. I'm a little big.....:)