Husky Fe450 2016 Rear 160/70x17 And Front 120/80x17 ??

Discussion in 'Super Moto' started by zoranx, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. zoranx Husqvarna

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    need some it possible to mount this on 5x17 and 3.5x17

    11.jpg 22.jpg Dijamantxxx9
  2. Teambowles Husqvarna
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    Yes it will mount or your rims but not sure if it will fit on your bike. What brand tires? Not all tires are the same width. I would call a SM wheel place like warp 9 or others to see what others are running in size on your particular bike
  3. Caiman Senior Vice Procrastinator

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    Standard sizes for motards with 3.5F and 5.0R rims are 120/70 and 160/60. The tyre profiles you've listed will fit, but the handling characteristics will be out of the ordinary.