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  1. nicgarvin Husqvarna

    Hey guys I am selling my Husky 150. I dont know where the for sale section is and I am sure I will get more looks here than in that section. I really need to get rid of this to get a new bike. Please help me out. * 2008 *

    6 hours at tops on top end.
    Ported cyclinder
    new wheel bearings
    fmf silencer
    stablizer mount
    brp chain guide
    brp bar mount
    white frame
    pro tapers
    ims tank available
    tons and tons of extra plastics
    * also i have a whole other bike dissemebled if your intrested in any extra parts.

    email me for price or text/call 714 943 5226
  2. nicgarvin Husqvarna

    i think i uploaded photos here.

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  3. nicgarvin Husqvarna

    $2000 i need this sold help please ha!
  4. nicgarvin Husqvarna